Cabling Infrastructure – Your Data Highway

You wouldn’t run a Ferrari on a dirt road, would you? So why run your expensive network hardware on inferior cabling? The structured cabling system you install now will be the most long-lived component of your network. Designed and installed correctly, expect it to last 10-15 years or more. Whether your network supports a small office or a multi-building campus, the decisions you make today will impact your organization’s success for many years to come. PacifiCom has been providing network infrastructure design, installation and support services since 1978. By making us part of their team, our long-term customers have enjoyed projects completed on time, within budget and eliminated a lot of “finger pointing”. Call PacifiCom today and ask about our free consulting and design services.

PacifiCom provides total solutions for office networking including consulting, design, installation, and sales of all components.

• Network Wiring
• Cable Management
• Structured Wiring
• Access Point Installations
• Rack Terminations
• Overhead Ladder Racking and Cable Tray
• Server Room Design
• Rack Plan Drawings

Upon completion of your network installation, Fluke tester certification results are made available along with a clean as-built.

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